About iScraper

Empower Your Data-Driven Decisions with iScraper: Your Ultimate Public LinkedIn Data Solution

Introducing iScraper, a cutting-edge product from ProAPIs, Inc., the trusted provider of public LinkedIn data APIs. We are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable access to public information for businesses and professionals around the globe. iScraper is designed to equip you with valuable insights and public LinkedIn data, enabling informed decision-making and a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving business landscape.

As a business registered in Delaware, United States, ProAPIs, Inc. is dedicated to creating and consistently improving high-performance API solutions. With iScraper, we have revolutionized the way users access, extract, and utilize public LinkedIn data by providing efficient data retrieval through our HTTP APIs, without the need for complex UI integrations.

  1. Personal Profile Details: Access up-to-date public personal profile information in real-time, including experience, skills, education, and more. iScraper enables you to efficiently gather valuable data for insights and potential opportunities.
  2. Company Profile Details: Stay informed about your target companies by acquiring essential insights into company profiles. iScraper allows you to effortlessly obtain key data points such as industry, size, location, and company culture, helping you make data-driven decisions.
  3. Company Employees Lists: Explore the public information of employees within your target organizations. iScraper's API allows you to fetch comprehensive employee lists, revealing potential leads and strategic insights to drive your business forward.
  4. Advanced Search Capabilities: Take advantage of our highly customizable and dynamic search functionality. iScraper lets you filter results based on industry, location, job title, and more, allowing you to find LinkedIn people profiles and company profiles with ease.
  5. Custom Datasets: In addition to our API solutions, iScraper offers custom datasets of LinkedIn profiles to cater to your specific needs. Get tailored datasets designed to support your research, marketing, or business development initiatives.

Try the iScraper API today and experience the power of seamless public LinkedIn data access for your business.