Frequently Asked Questions

iScraper is a real-time LinkedIn data API service that enables users to send HTTP requests to obtain LinkedIn individual and company data. With iScraper, users can perform searches, access lists of company employees, view job listings, and much more, all in a seamless and efficient manner.
iScraper offers several subscription plans for users, each with different features and pricing options to choose from. For high volume customers, iScraper also offers custom subscription plans or a pay-as-you-go service with custom discounted pricing options.
Yes, you can use iScraper API without subscribing to a specific plan. However, please note that you will be charged a higher fee per request in this case. If you anticipate high volume usage, we recommend either subscribing to one of our plans or contacting our support team to inquire about discounted custom pricing for pay-as-you-go usage.
We provide unlimited scalability for our service. Customers can process hundreds of millions of API calls each month, and for those with very high volume usage, we offer attractive discounts. We encourage customers to get in touch with our support team to discuss their specific needs and find the most suitable pricing solution.
Every API call made through iScraper retrieves 100% fresh data directly from LinkedIn in real time. We ensure that the data returned is always up-to-date and not served from a cache or a database, providing you with the most accurate information available at the time of the request.
Yes, for customers with high volumes of requests, iScraper can offer custom discounted pricing plans based on their specific needs.
The number of simultaneous connections you can send to iScraper API at any given time is referred to as concurrent threads. For example, if your subscription plan permits 50 concurrent threads and each API call requires 1 second to complete, you can retrieve up to 3,000 profiles per minute at this rate.
Yes, you can increase your concurrency limit with iScraper by upgrading to a higher subscription plan or contacting our support team to discuss your specific needs.
The only limit is up to your subscription plan's limit. Our custom plans provide unlimited profile scraping without any limits. We encourage high volume usage with attractive discounts. Contact us to learn more about our flexible and tailored pricing options.
Yes, customers can get in touch with iScraper to purchase datasets of companies and people. The data is regularly refreshed, and customers can subscribe to download refreshed data after intervals.
iScraper is an HTTP API that delivers data to users in JSON format. This widely-used format ensures easy integration with various applications and allows for seamless processing and analysis of the retrieved LinkedIn profile information.
Our API documentation is generated based on the Open API schema and adheres to Open API specifications. As a result, it should provide clear guidance on how the iScraper API works. If you're experiencing difficulties understanding the documentation, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Open API concepts to ensure a better grasp of our API structure and functionality. Should you still encounter issues, please feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.
When your iScraper credits run out, you can purchase more at your subscribed plan rate or a custom price offered to you. Contact us to learn more.
iScraper credits never expire and roll over each month.
A successful API call with iScraper is defined as either finding the profile on LinkedIn, executing a search query successfully, or retrieving employees, jobs, or other data from LinkedIn. In such cases, we return a 200 status code, indicating that the request was successful.

Even if a profile is not found on LinkedIn and we return a 404 status code or if your query did not match any search results, we still consider it a successful request because we successfully ran your query through LinkedIn.

However, requests that fail at our end, such as those resulting in a 500 internal server error or a gateway timeout, are not considered successful and will not be charged.
The success rate of API calls with iScraper is ~100%. In rare cases where a request to LinkedIn fails due to a proxy error or other issues, we automatically retry the request internally to ensure that the user's success rate remains high.
Our typical response time is around 1 second, and we strive to return the results for most API calls in under a second.
At iScraper, we achieve fast response times for our API calls by using 100% dedicated and optimized proxy servers, as well as implementing optimized approaches to data retrieval. This combination of factors allows us to provide reliable, real-time access to LinkedIn profile data while maintaining fast response times.
Yes, at iScraper, we offer a free trial of 100 credits to new users who sign up for our services and add a valid payment method to their account. This trial provides users with an opportunity to test our API and explore our platform before committing to a paid plan.
iScraper requires users to add a valid payment method for the free trial to prevent spam and abuse of our platform. This measure ensures our resources are used responsibly and by legitimate users.
Yes, we offer refunds for unused iScraper credits if our API doesn't work for your use case.
To get started, simply click the "Sign Up" button on to create an account. Once you add a card, you'll receive 100 free trial credits to start with. From there, you can choose a subscription plan that meets your needs and start making requests to the LinkedIn data API.

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team .